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Architect announces corporate sponsorship of the Rust Tokio open source project
Eric Stokes and Brett HarrisonSeptember 11, 2023

We are proud to announce our corporate sponsorship of Tokio, an open-source library that provides asynchronous runtime functionality to the Rust programming language.

All modern financial applications are asynchronous programs. High frequency trading systems in particular must react quickly to asynchronous events such as order book updates, execution reports, and model recalculations.

While most other languages accept that one must pay for abstraction and ease of use with performance, Rust has always made zero cost abstractions a priority. Tokio follows in this tradition, which is why it's the defacto standard async runtime for Rust applications, with over 100 million downloads.

The Rust programming language paired with the Tokio runtime is the native toolchain of Architect, and is increasingly becoming the standard for writing safe, flexible, and high-performance applications for modern financial markets. In addition, a significant portion of digital-asset-related infrastructure, from exchanges to blockchains to smart contracts, are written in Rust and depend on Tokio.

We are honored to sponsor the foundation our software stands on. As a company, we are committed to finding ways to contribute to the open-source community, through support for projects like Tokio and through our own open-source libraries and applications.

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